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#HomeANovel Query Letter


After pondering this since my first novel, I've decided to give a Literary Agent a try. Below, is the letter I've put together. Please let me know your constructive criticism.

When Cody returns home to rescue his brother from a malevolent force, he is seduced by the darkness plaguing his hometown, and learns he has the power to stop the end of the world.

Home: A Novel is a 102309 word dark fantasy with biblical influences. Based upon your interest in horror, I thought you might enjoy reading and representing Home: A Novel for publication.

The man hiding behind the glaring windows of the Shanley Hotel wants to restore the small, lackluster town, Shoshoni, WY, to what it had been in years past. But, his motives are not what brothers, Cody and Tyler, expect. First Tyler is drawn back to their hometown, and unwittingly agrees to begin work on rebuilding the block where the Shanley stands.

Cody doesn’t return home as easily, and bizarre things begin happening; unexplained sounds, bruises and scratches, and a mysterious tattoo. When he wakes, naked, in a motel room with a strange woman, she alerts him of the dangers if he returns home.

Without heeding her warnings, he goes back with the goal of rescuing his brother. However, the man in the hotel seduces Cody into believing he is helping him return into God’s graces. In the shadowy basement of the Shanley Hotel a beast is born, but will it bring the end of the world?

I have self-published five novels. I grew up in Shoshoni, WY, but I currently live in the Denver area.

Thank you for reading the below pages of Home: A Novel. I hope you enjoy. The full manuscript is available upon request. I look forward to hearing from you.
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