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Richard or Rooster?: The Male Anatomy Dilemma #HomeTheNovel

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While writing Home, I've come to a dilemma, what word do I use for male genitalia. I know that seems like a no brainer, but it's surprising how one word can change the feeling/mood of a scene. My first thought was to always to use penis as it is the proper term for the item in question. But that seems so clinical, and Home is anything but clinical. So I moved onto slang, dick or cock; junk didn't even get a second glance, too derogatory for something so functional and vital in the world.

Does one make more of a statement than the other? Is one more offensive or pornographic than the other? Then there's the voice in the back of my head (the prude), saying 'do you have to use either?' and some out there would probably agree with my inner prude. Suddenly, I have an argument going on with all these different people in my head; one says 'cock', one says 'dick', and the third says 'don't say either, don't write these things.' Sorry, number three, you loose since sex is an important topic with who and what some of the characters are. 

Here's an example from Home:

“Welcome,” the voice from the phone said as the cerulean blue hue dissipated, showing them a plain, old hotel room. “Oh,” he said. The blue streams from his eyes moved to them quickly, unsure why they were in his presence. “I wasn’t expecting you, Tyler. And you brought a friend.” More ejaculate streamed from Tyler’s engorged penis. “Good to see you too.” The man smiled.

“Shit,” Jen whispered. “Tyler? Who is this?” She covered her breasts with her arm. “Where are we?”

Tyler blushed, feeling another surge ready to explode from his balls. “Mr. Bel.” He groaned and crumpled to the floor.

The man stared down at Tyler as Jen squat next to him.

“Tyler?” she said, anxiously patting his cheek. “You’re burning up.”

“I have that effect on some people,” he said, still staring at Tyler, wondering why he was there. Clearly, Mark had made a mess of things.

Tyler sat up, breathing heavily. He moaned, and his body convulsed, followed by a dribble of semen from his cock. Jen stared up at the man standing over them. For some reason she wasn’t frightened of him. Part of her mind told her that she was in an extremely dangerous position. That anything she did would be met with violence. But as she looked into the beautiful face, she couldn’t find any cause for alarm. The man snapped his fingers at his side, and the door opened.

In this scene, yes, I used both penis and cock, but should I change either to dick? I know I'm probably questioning this for no reason. All this is writer preference, and I should use the word that I like better. So I'm back to the beginning. Oh wait, what about manhood?

More about Home: A small Wyoming town is shrinking and dying away. Some people don't care what happens to this small town, but one person does and he wants it restored. He is no ordinary man, he's seen the town rise and fall since its beginning. But he can't do it alone, he needs the help of the boy who knew him without ever meeting him; the one who would rebuild the town for him and restore his ties to Heaven.

Home will be available, I hope, by December 2015, in paperback and all ebook formats.
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