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Saul closed the door and stood where he was with his hand on the doorknob and forehead rested on the door. He wondered what happened and if he needed to ask to be moved to a different room.

“You really need to learn to control yourself,” a man stated.

He jumped and turned from the door to see a man standing at the opposite end of the room between the two desks. The man was shorter than he was, and older than his stepfather. His baldhead reflected the light trailing in lazily from the high windows. His chin grew a white goatee tied at the end by a red silk ribbon. He wore faded black trousers with a thin black belt and a white shirt buttoned to the collar. On his left arm, he draped his long black overcoat and he held a fedora by the brim with his bony index finger and thumb. He held a highly polished ebony walking stick with a crystal globe partially covered by his hand and a silver tip on the bottom, which he angled in front of his gleaming patent leather shoes.

“Who are you? And how did you get in here?” Saul questioned with a quaking voice.

“I am GappĂ©,” the stranger answered eloquently. “And you let me in. Finally, I might add.”


“You have never been this scared before. Well, except the time, when you were with your mother in the department store when you turned around and could not find her.” GappĂ© went on with fond remembrance. “You screamed so loud you rattled the windows. I appeared in front of you, you could not have been but four years old, and you screamed louder than ever. Your mother walked around from the other side of the rack of clothing laughing that she would never be rid of you even if she wanted to be. I could see I was not needed and retreated back to SGPA.”

He finished his short journey down memory lane with a chuckle. Saul looked at him blankly beginning to believe he was now hallucinating like Mitch.

“I am a gift from your father,” he explained. “To help protect you from people that want to hurt you. I am supposed to be able to intervene or give you guidance at the very least.”

“From Ron?”

“No, I said your father. Not that half-witted sadist stepfather whom your mother took back after your father left town. Do you mind if I sat?”

“Uh, no.”

He placed his coat on Saul’s desk. He scanned Mitch’s bed with a turned up his nose as he sat. “What is that stench?”

“It’s Mitch’s but he went to the nurse’s office, he passed out.”

“Oh, I am well aware of what happened.” He said as he slid Saul’s chair away from his desk and sat. “You really need to learn to control those surges. They will cause you a lot of trouble. You have had quite a few of them lately. After all, they landed you here.”

“Surges?” Saul questioned with a blank expression.
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