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Now that Summer (not officially obviously) is upon us, you're wondering what to read. Why not read one of my Dark Fantasy novels while you spend the day by the pool or in the park? Each book is packed with suspense, drama, a dash of my strange humor, and sexual innuendo. Each are only 99₵, so why not download them all, or if you prefer, order the paperback* printed just for you (sorry the paperbacks aren't 99₵)? 
Here's a teaser of what you'll find in the pages of my books:
Dreamwalker: The Second Plain is about a young man, Saul, who learns he has a strange power. He goes through many trials along the way learning what he can do, and how he can help people with his gift. Then there's the part he's warned about from his Spirit Guide that he doesn't pay attention to; others can manipulate and use his powers for their own benefit if he isn't careful.
Circus Tarot and Page of Buckets are one and two of the World Circus Trilogy, respectively, with the third in the works. A happy couple, Mary and Darrin, are whisked away into a horrifying world where Clowns become psychopathic killers, and the other circus performers are sexual creatures looking for the next soirĂ©e. But they are only doing what is required of them by the Tarot Card they represent.
Hunger, Reynard Ashwin is a man that unwittingly makes a life changing deal with a demon to survive the Black Plague. Reynard tries to break free over the years never realizing how simple and blessed his life was before he accepted the demon's protection. Also included with this tale is that of Eric in The Vow. He desperately wants wedded bliss, but finding the right girl can be difficult.
Hydrangeas on the Lanai was my 2014 NaNoWriMo winner. What is that? you ask. It's National Novel Writing Month held every November for authors wanting to punish themselves with hitting the goal of 50k words in 30 days. Enough about that, I hear you yearning to know about Hydrangeas on the Lanai. It is set in an old Gothic Romance setting with a weird house, and stranger occupants. Alexis grew up there, but has no recollection. No one will tell her anything, and she doesn't feel comfortable with sharing her experiences in the house because she doesn't want them to think she's crazy.
Follow these links to my Author Pages at these fine online stores.
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Barnes & Noble
When you're done reading, please leave me feedback in the form of a review on the book page where you made your purchase. I appreciate it.
*paperbacks are not 99₵

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