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#ThursThreads - Tying Tales Together - Week 153

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Hating to look for Sean, Mariette stared listlessly into the shadowy room. She wanted to call out to him, but didn’t want to awaken Greg—she didn’t want to deal with him at the moment—she stomped her foot on the concrete floor instead. Her head twitched side to side, as she wondered why whenever she needed him for a special task, he was never to be found. Aggravation filled her as she closed the door, knowing he was somewhere nearby sleeping intently, and dreaming about, well, whatever it was that Sean dreamt.
Facing back into the large garage, the smells unique to automobiles filed her sinuses as her eyes bounced from shadow to shadow. She walked along the wall, tilting her head to the side to see under the town car as she made her way to the ladder leading to a storage area above the living quarters for the outside staff.

The ventilation fan spun high in the opposite wall causing moonlight to flash in the storage area. A few feet from her, she saw a glowing white foot sticking out from a stack of boxes. Her heart began to pound harder with every step. Peering around the boxes, a scream found passage from her throat. The white legs twitched and wide chartreuse eyes flashed open.
“Damn it, Sean,” she panted. “You know I don’t like it when you sleep like that.”

Sean completed his transformation from cat to human, then said, “I sleep much better this way.”

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