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#ThursThreads - The Challenge That Ties Tale Together - Week 137

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The wind shook the town car as it made its way along the winding road to Parson Manor. The rain blurred landscape darted passed, unseen by Alexis though she stared out the window. Her mind was haunted by the thoughts of her departed fiancĂ©, the one true love her life so suddenly taken from her.  He promised he would return and they would be off on their adventure. Before she knew it, a knock came to the door. She smiled, turning the doorknob, anticipating his strong arms around her. Her excitement turned to anguish as the policeman told her the unthinkable. Overtaken by grief, Alexis…

“Michelle?” Sam said, grimacing at the cover of the paperback he held in his hand, then glancing to her in the kitchen as she found a snack. “How can you read this crap?”

“They’re just fun to pass the time,” Michelle said, holding a bowl limply in one hand and caressing her dome of a belly with the other. “You know what I mean? Not like I have anything else to do while I wait for the triplets to arrive.”
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