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Letter to the President, Senate and House


Dear Mr, President, the Senate and the House,
I am very upset with all of you. I voted for you, well some of you not, but you are in office and you work for me. I am a United States Citizen. I was born here. I have been paying taxes since my first job when I was a teenager. I follow the law, well except that one time. I do what everyone says I am to do. I am a good person. I work for a Fortune 200 company. I am a published Author. I consider myself a Christian even though I do not claim a denomination. I believe in God. I have read the Bible five times since I was a child. I like to shop and spend money to stimulate the economy.

You are not doing your jobs, you are not working for the best interest of me, yes me, this is about me. I do not understand why. If I did not do my job, I would be fired. Yes, you have given me some nice stimulus money and I thank you for that, much appreciated. But there are other things that make the world go around for me—love. One thing I did not mention above, I am gay. I have been in a loving monogamous relationship with my partner for fourteen years. I want to be able to provide him with the same health insurance benefits that I receive. He pays close to $500 a month for the exact same coverage because he’s self-employed. The problem, I cannot add him to my health plan. Why? Because in the State of Colorado same-sex Civil Unions are not recognized, therefore it is not offered.

I have been trying, for that last—yeah that long, to figure out why this is open for debate or vote. Why as a citizen of the United States of America do I have to rely on people to vote to grant me a basic human right? Why are bigoted “Christians” allowed to decide the meaning of love or who has the right to love who? That’s what it comes down to, isn’t it? Knowing the Bible the way I do, I’m still trying to figure out where God said who can marry or love who? I know the passages that are always pulled out for this battle, “if a man lieth with a man as they would a woman, they shall be put to death.” Let me pull one out of context too, “He wept.” At least mine makes sense, because I believe he weeps constantly with the way we treat each other. Does anyone know what was happening when the law of “man lieth with man” was put into rule by a man not God? Hint: it has something to do with repopulating the Jewish race when they were wandering the desert in exile. Allowing the individual States to decide this is not a good idea. I wonder what would happen if the LGBT community stood together and filed a Class Action Lawsuit against the United States of America for depriving us of the most common of human rights?

What I don’t understand the most is why my tax money is good enough to spend on a million things but I cannot provide for my partner? I pay for children to go to school, the same children whose parents call me hateful names and not allow me to provide for my family. I admit I went to public school K-12 but I’m sure I’ve paid back the cost by now, but my partner went to private schools K-12, what debt does he have to pay back? Now, you want to use my tax money to pay for illegal aliens to go to school, that’s really not fair to me. Let them become citizens, they’re here already what’s the point of rounding them up and sending them back to where ever they came from, that costs too much money and they will just come back.

I implore you, grant me this basic human right and right as a Citizen of the United States of America. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope that something good will come of it but knowing the way things have been going, I won’t run out and pick my China Pattern.


Charles W. Jones
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