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Updates on Circus Tarot & other projects

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Circus Tarot is looking good and is coming to the end...I think. It is definitely not as long as The Second Plain but is still packed full of goodies. I started putting the cover together and am rather impressed with what it looks like so far; as soon as I have it ready, I will post it on the books page. I am looking for Beta Readers for Circus Tarot, so if you are interested, please email me at; I am hoping to have the first draft ready around the first of the year.

I am currently mulling around my next project ; something you might have read in one of my Flash Fiction submissions got me thinking. Yes, I know can be dangerous for me to do that. Then there is the side project I am starting under a Pen Name; at this point, I want to keep that separate from Bizarro Fiction, so I will say no more about it.

I submitted an entry for #WRITEFORTHEFIGHT (click on it for full information). Since I have not heard back from them, I am assuming I was not selected. I wish them the best of luck as the proceeds to the book will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Fund.
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