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#ThursThreads Trust Me

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Children’s laughter, carried on the warm breeze caressing the world outside the room, caught his master’s attention. He turned away from Mark, gazing again out the window, but not before Mark saw the beautiful man standing before him. His presence gave him the impression of a gargantuan being, but he was only inches taller than Mark at six foot six inches. Wonderful light emitted from his large eyes, filling the one submersed in the glow with a swirl of contradictory emotions, causing the flesh to pucker and flush, then turn cold to find in a moment that the fever burning within them had become a torrent—their body revolting against itself in rage that it isn’t as perfect as the man looking upon it. His full, pink lips, hiding perfect white teeth, made anyone want them upon their lips to take their pleasure, while knowing it could never be returned with millions of kisses. Tussled blond hair framed his tanned face, running in front of his ears to touch the edge of his square jaw. All this, in one glance, said, ‘Trust me.’

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