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What is Hunger? #ebook #amreading

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What is Hunger? (I don’t want to give any spoilers, so you’ll have to read Hunger to find out the specifics.)

The idea was conceived by my brother, who said I should write a book about a person who only kills deserving people. During our discussion, I told him that Dexter had already been written and made into a TV series. He looked at me blankly never hearing of Dexter—to say the least, I was shocked, but then again he doesn’t have TV service at his house so I can’t blame him too much for being in the dark. The thought stuck in my mind, though. There was a way to tell the story without it being Dexter Fan Fiction or a copycat. I began researching a serial killer, reading everything I could about him and the neighborhood he did his work. There are some splendid maps and photos on the internet from the time period. 

The original title for Hunger was the ‘The Memoirs of Reynard Ashwin’, but it reminded me of ‘Interview with a Vampire’, and I changed it a few times—I cannot remember the different titles, there were quite a few. During the third or fourth revision, I found Hunger to be the best suiting.

The thought came to mind of how does someone get to a place so heinous? Of course, there are the psychological explanations, but those didn’t fit into what I wanted, and seemed way too easy. What else could cause a normal, affluent man to become a raging killer? With that mystery solved, Reynard Ashwin was born. Strangely, I knew the ending at the same time as I wrote the beginning, which never happens for me. Normally, the ending doesn’t present itself to me until it is there.

I didn’t want killing to be all there was about Reynard as he travels across the Atlantic, then America, and a quite the impressive timespan—the story starts in 1666 London and ends in present day Denver, CO.  Reynard is a kind, gentle, loving husband and father that only wants to keep his family safe.

Hunger is available from just about anywhere you buy ebooks and paperbacks; Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, etc. Enjoy and let me know what you think with a review. (Even if you don’t like it. There’s no such thing as bad press.)
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