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#ThursThreads - The Challenge That Ties Tales Together - Week 32

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“Is that really the story you wish?” she asked. She looked at him with a caring expression. “There are so many other stories that could yours, ones that would be easy and full of opportunity.”

“I want that one. It has everything I desire for my life. Look at all the excitement and adventure in it. I want to experience everything I can. I want to see the world.”

“What about this one? This one is about a man that sets the world free.”

He smiled at her and his being eddied in a shimmer of color and light. Their eyes locked for a moment, she felt his strength in his gaze. Still she did not want to give him this story. He saw the excitement and adventure and she saw the strife that went along with it. The loss he has at an early age, forced from home to home. Yes, it has adventure but the cost of it is far too much. However, in the end, the choice is his.

“Why do you want this story so much?”

He looks back at the pages, flips through them and stops.

“Her,” he says.

She looks down and sees her. She is beautiful and kind and loves with every pore of her. She returns her eyes back to him.

“But you are only with her for a short time before she is taken from you tragically.”

“I know, but in that short time, I have everything I need for eternity.”

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