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Circus Tarot Now Available

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Circus Tarot now available on Amazon at It is also available in paperback at Amazon and Createspace. If you don't have a Kindle, you can get the Kindle App for iPhone or Droid devices (I'm not sure about Blackberry and other devices for the App). The decision to go with Amazon solely to start with was not an easy one, I had to measure the benefits of other platforms and the decision came down to, yes I admit it, MONEY. With the Kindle Lending option, I have the chance at making more. If it doesn't work out I will make it available on other platforms as well.

Now to the gooshy stuff. Thank you Kriss Morton-Weekly (@AKMamma) and Lupus Anthropus (@LupusAnthropus) for all your editorial assistance; you do not know how much I appreciate it. As well as asking me questions and pointing out things in scenes that I did not catch; Sara Holden was a great help for this too. There were also two on Createspace that read a preview and gave me some great suggestions. And finally, Julie Jansen, thank you for having me add the map.
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