Thursday, December 29, 2011

#ThursThreads - The Challenge that Ties Tales Together - Week Three

The Darkness slides through the passageways; it always knows where to find me. It comes to tell me what it desires of me—never something pleasant. For me the requests no longer bother me, I am used to its requests. It had been so for centuries, but it had not always been so. Before the plague took my family, I would have been revolted by the demands of hunger the Darkness put in me. Then it came to comfort me and give me new meaning—I go where it leads me and I feed. I do not know what the Darkness made of me; I only know the hunger that burns in the pit of my stomach. It always promises with whispers in my head, “this will be the last time,” and each time I know it is a lie. It has not called on me since I’ve been locked down here, now it demands my obedience; it has new flesh for me to feed on, to extinguish the fire in my stomach. The darkness leads me down passages, I’ve traveled several times, to the exit. Light emits down on me from the hole in the floor. The pipes, that I had punctured to drink the blood that flowed in them, partially removed for repair. I climb into a large cold room—halved bodies hang from butchers hooks suspended in the ceiling. I am free.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#HumpDayChallenge Week 28 - New Year's Resolution

“Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet?”

“No, and I’m tired of people asking me that. Does it illuminate the soul for me to have a resolution? No, it does not. Then to break it and have a year filled with regrets. No, sir, that is not for me. I intended to fill myself full of booze as often as I can and live life to the fullest.”

“Isn’t that kind of a resolution?”

“Ah, shut up and bring me another drink.”

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TuesdayTales 21 – Change

Change was not easy for Claire. She said she would handle it differently if had the chance and now she did. How was it possible that when she woke this morning that it was two years ago?—the day it happened. Her boots splashed in the puddles in the street, reassuring her convictions. Her hand repelled from the coolness of the doorknob. The sounds of deep breathing quickened her pulse. The door silently swung open revealing them. How could he do this to her? They did not notice her entrance. She held the heavy blade tightly in her steady hand.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Circus Tarot Beta Readers Needed

Well Circus Tarot is finished and I am looking for Beta Readers to give it a look over. If you are interested, leave a comment or email me at For those of you that don't know what a Beta Reader is, it is a person that gets to read Circus Tarot before it is released, for free, to give me feedback and let me know if there are any typos.

Mary and Darrin live a life filled with routine. Everyday is exactly the same, that is until Mary brings home a deck of Tarot Cards then their lives change as they are pulled into World Circus and have to fight off the savage inhabitants. Their only desire is for things to go back to routine.

The Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour

The end is near. Are you ready for the blog tour starting in less than 12 hours? Participate in all the challenges to win multiple prizes.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

#ThursThreads - The Challenge that Ties Tales Together - Week Two

In the beginning, I tried to deny what was happening to me. At first, the feelings the darkness pushed into me did not feel natural, but over time by I accepted them. Ever so slowly, the darkness ensnared me. It showed me my direction; it gave me strength. Still I fought against it, wanting to be the same as before. The first time I walked through the flames I would never have thought, “then the damned will envy my conversion,” but now that the changes are complete, I would not think twice about watching them desiring in their dark hearts to be me, the chosen one. How my world changed—I cannot say for the worse that would make me a hypocrite. I cannot say I would have chosen this path without the darkness’s sweet caress but I am not sorry for what has become of me. What I have been trained to do is not for the faint of heart—it gives me sweet satisfaction to see the eyes flood with panic at my approach. When I am free from these catacombs, the eyes will know fear again.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#TuesdayTales 20 – Snickerdoodle

The little girl held the box of freshly baked Snickerdoodles in her lap. Steam fogged the window, not allowing her to see where today’s journey took her. She drew countless pictures in the condensation; each covered by another layer fog. Her final, a simple heart which she drew lop sided--it made her smile. The car stopped and stepped out of the car. A cool breeze surrounded her and threatened to pierce her thick wool coat. Shaking branches in the bare trees demanded her attention. The old woman’s house sat among the trees down a long winding path.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

#MotivationMonday The Ghost of Christmas Past

"That's just great. Now my flashlight doesn't work!" I said, looking down the attic opening.

Jed looked up at me and smirked. Why did I always have to come up here? The Christmas decorations are his but I always get stuck pulling them down from the dusty attic. He definitely was good at manipulating me into doing things. He disappeared for a minute and returned, shining the bright light into my dark adjusted eyes. 

“Very funny,” I said. “Climb up the ladder and bring it to me.”

The light bounced up and down. Something was not right. Normally, Jed would be talking my ear off but he did not say a word as he made his way up the ladder. I crawled back into the darkness to give him space to come through the opening in the attic floor. The light hovered above the opening; its brightness made the shadows of the rafters stretch in impossible angles around me.

“You’ve been a naughty, naughty boy,” he said, but it was not quite Jed’s voice. 

What the hell? Was he trying to do impressions now?

“Give me the flashlight,” I snapped and reached my hand toward the light.

“You need to pay for what you have done.”

“Oh aren’t you just the comedian,” I said getting perturbed with the game Jed played. “Just give me the damn flashlight.”

I crawled closer to the attic opening. I was going to punch him. He’s the one who wanted the Christmas decorations but I had to be the one to get them down. I glanced down through the opening and saw the top of the ladder. Jed did not stand on it, no one stood on it. I think I squeaked like a girl because I do not think whatever held the light made the sound.

I tried to scoot away from the light but before I knew it I rushed forward into the Electronics Store with the mob of shoppers. I pushed and swung my arms from side to side, that thing-a-ma-bob was mine. I did not care who I hurt, I had to have it. I had to be the first in line.

“See what you did?” the voice said.

I flung my head to the right. The light bounced in the air next to me.

“I got it fair and square,” I defended. “They could wait until after the Christmas rush.”

“But the child it was to go to would not get to enjoy the simple pleasure of it, as he died the day after Christmas last year.”

I swallowed hard and tried to rationalize it in my mind. Whatever retort I came up with sounded flat.

“Really, he died?”

“Nah,” Jed said through bits of laughter. “You’re really a sucker sometimes.” He handed me the flashlight and I noticed that he stood on the rafters in the floor. “Don’t forget Rudolph this year,” he continued. “I’ll make you come back up if you do.”

#MenageMonday Challenge – Week 14 Christmas

Christmas quickly approached and we still had not finished our preparations. We needed to finish decorating, finish shopping and prepare the children. The decorating was the easiest to finish and my awesome display was up and running in one evening. The shopping was not going to be easy; where exactly does one find twenty pounds of brains? I called several butchers and the ones that did not hang-up on me could not control their fits of laughter, leaving me to eventually hung-up.

This was the first Christmas that we would have after my in-laws had died. I was lucky enough to find them and invite them over for Christmas without incident. They still looked the same, for the most part; it is not as though they were missing limbs or had eyeballs dangling out of their sockets. However, the fact that they are dead is enough. I try to be indulgent of my wife; she insisted that we invite them. “Christmas won’t be the same without them here,” she guilted me. I gave in and went to find them.

I have to say, the smell is probably the most incredible thing you can imagine. The woman at the candle store looked at us with a strange look when we asked for three cases of the pine scented candles. They are placed strategically around the house; not a single square millimeter of the house misses the scent of pine.

We told the children that they probably would not be receiving gifts from Nanna and Pappa this year. They took that with a grain of salt. Then we explained why. I was expecting a stronger reaction, but they looked at us with their normal bored expressions whenever my wife and I tell them anything.

I glanced out the window and saw them lumbering up the street; Nanna in her brilliant blue dress-suit, she would not be caught dead without it, and Pappa in his Army uniform; thank God for small favors, they did not bury him with his service revolver. My wife rushed around the house, making sure all the candles were lit, then stood at the door with me in ghastly awe, as her parents stumbled through the front yard, destroying my Christmas display.

The children were on their best behavior and did not make a single fuss throughout dinner. They sat staring at Nanna and Pappa without saying a word; their mouths slightly open and their eyes wide. I was proud of them.

About halfway through dinner, I heard a scuffling sound at the front door. I looked to my wife, who gave me the “I don’t know” look, so I went to investigate. I looked out the window and saw three undead scratching at the door—I did not know them and I assumed they were friends of Nanna and Pappa. I opened the door and invited them in. What the hell, it is Christmas and the more the merrier.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Circus Tarot Covers

Thanks to those that sent me feedback on the covers. I have a couple more to show you. Let me know what you think. I'm liking the first one.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour

I will be hosting a Flash Fiction Writing Contest for Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour. Come back here on 12/26/2011 to participate. For more information about the Blog Tour CLICK HERE.

Friday, December 16, 2011

#FridayPictureShow Week 8

“Careful with that,” Jarred said. The Detective flipped the cube around. “If it gets out again, you’re not going to like what it does.”

Detective Carrington shrugged and without looking, he placed the ebony cube on the edge of the shelf. Jarred watched in horror as it teetered. He watched it plummet toward the floor. He yelled at the Detective and received a gormless stare in return. Before Jarred could make another sound, the wraith was out of its prison. Its brilliant teal bounced around the room, then out the door and down the stairs to the open door below.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

#ThursThreads Debuts - The Challenge that Ties Tales Together - Week One

He stood on the roof taking in the glowing view as the sun rose over the downtown skyline. The woman vexed him. She definitely was not his type but he found that he could not stop thinking about her. Everywhere he went, eventually, she appeared, seemingly, from nowhere. Now, she abandoned him like everyone else. His best friend betrayed him and he lost his job; he could not take anymore. He climbed on the ledge and stared across the horizon.

“What do you think you are doing?” The melodic voice said.

He looked over his shoulder. Her plump face looked up at him. Her squat body seemed shorter from his new height. She had never spoken to him before and her voice filled him with comfort.

“You,” he said to her. “Who are you?”

“Your angel,” she replied with a smile.

“You don’t look like any angel I’ve ever seen.”

“Please,” she rolled her eyes at him. “I’m the only angel you’ve ever seen.”

“Where are your wings?”

She shook her head and sighed. The air behind her stirred and for a few seconds giant monarch butterfly wings were visible to him. The sight of her wings startled him and he wobbled on the ledge. She rushed forward grabbing his legs, then pulled him backwards to topple on top of her.

“Contrary to popular belief,” she said pushing him off her. “Angels come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of wings.”

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#HumpDayChallenge week 27

“You’re a dirty douche nozzle with a broken spine,” he yelled into the telephone. 

The voice at the other end antagonized him further. 

 “Oh fuck you,” he bellowed.

The voice interrupted him and his face reddened. 

“You can publish that on recycled toilet paper. You are such a waste of molecules.”

The shriek from the telephone echoed across the room; the other patrons of the coffee shop glared at the man as he paced back and forth along the wall of windows.

“Oh very funny, the air you breath is a wasted commodity,” he said, then thought, “Challenge won.”

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#TuesdayTales 19 – Perdition

I floated through the ether knowing my perdition was just. I had done many wrongs on my journey across the land of the living. I can only blame myself. The souls, I took during my life, clung to me now and would torment me for all of eternity, as they should. They did not ask to be my toys. They only wished to see another day with their family or feel the sun warm their skin. I took that from them with my bloodlust and my voracious appetite for the flesh of mankind--nothing is as sweet on my tongue.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

#MenageMonday Challenge – Week 13 Animal House Edition

The hunter stepped into the lodge; his face ashen. Jenny looked at him from behind the reception desk--today, she tied her blonde hair on top of her head and secured it with a yellow number-two pencil.

“Are you OK, sir?” she asked the hunter, looking at him over the top of her black rimmed glasses. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I wish it was a ghost I saw,” he panted. “It would be easier to explain. But what I came across this morning, out there, was just horrible.”

“Oh my,” Jenny said, coming around the desk. “Can you tell me?”

 “I sat in the thicket,” he started, “waiting for him to come trudging through. I studied him for weeks and had my ducks in a row. I heard him coming and he was on me before I knew it. His red eyes glowed and he foamed at the mouth. And yes dammit, I pissed my pants.”

Jenny ran back around the reception desk. She ripped off her glasses, pulled the pencil from her hair, then swung her head from side to side. She picked up the phone and said. “Get the Pig-mobile ready, the were-moose is back.”

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#55Word #Creepfest Contest

On the first day of Christmas, the snow no longer lay pristinely on the ground; its sparkling white, now crimson. Chunks of meat dented the snow’s crusty layer, leftovers from the night’s slaughter. The merry carolers should not have haunted my step. I warned them, I did. They made me slash each one to bits.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Circus Tarot Test Cover - Options 1 & 2

Well I have two test covers for Circus Tarot. Let me know what you think, please. For excerpts for Circus Tarot click here.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Updates on Circus Tarot & other projects

Circus Tarot is looking good and is coming to the end...I think. It is definitely not as long as The Second Plain but is still packed full of goodies. I started putting the cover together and am rather impressed with what it looks like so far; as soon as I have it ready, I will post it on the books page. I am looking for Beta Readers for Circus Tarot, so if you are interested, please email me at; I am hoping to have the first draft ready around the first of the year.

I am currently mulling around my next project ; something you might have read in one of my Flash Fiction submissions got me thinking. Yes, I know can be dangerous for me to do that. Then there is the side project I am starting under a Pen Name; at this point, I want to keep that separate from Bizarro Fiction, so I will say no more about it.

I submitted an entry for #WRITEFORTHEFIGHT (click on it for full information). Since I have not heard back from them, I am assuming I was not selected. I wish them the best of luck as the proceeds to the book will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Fund.

#FridayPictureShow Week 7

Her fears subsided when she took the microphone—this was her comeback after the accident. The last time she performed, the crowd cheered and danced to her soulful tunes—everything was different now that she had risen. The auditorium’s temperature remained at a chilly setting and the spotlights would never focus on her again or they would cook her already rotting flesh. She watched slow movements in the darkness, where the audience awaited her. The rhythmic beat started and the cool blue lights brightened the gloom. The synthesizer started its loop and the crowd became restless. She began to sing.

Thursday, December 8, 2011