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More of the Ace of Cups

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Here's more of the Ace of Buckets (I changed that Arcana from Cups made more sense).  Enjoy, he's such a fun guy.

It lightly traced the razor along the Page’s chest barely cutting the surface.  Small droplets of blood rushed forward to the air.  The Page gasped through his nose making a snorting sound.
“Oh little piggy,” the Ace consoled, “isn’t this fun?”
The Ace continued drawing pictures.  It’s smile growing with every stroke.  The Page’s blood began to smear over the clown’s work of art.  It leaned back taking in the masterpiece before him.  The clown looked at the blade, its pristine surface now covered with the Page’s life source.  It brought the blade up for closure inspection then ran the coolness of steal across its tongue.
Its tasted buds exploded to the taste of iron.  The clown’s tongue encompassed it, rolling around the blade.  It removed the razor from its mouth and was pleased that it once again reflected with brilliance.  The Page’s breathing became harsher as if he just finished running a marathon.
The clown moved to the Page’s arm, inserting the razor deep into the meat of the shoulder and slowly pulled down.  The crimson gushed from the wound but the Ace did not stop his play until he arrived at the shallower flesh near the crook of the Page’s elbow.
The Page’s muffled screams made the Ace of Buckets giggle through its pointed shark’s teeth.  It returned the blade to the top of the arm and repeated the process a few inches away from the first incision.
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